Foreigners (English)

The law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens and other foreigners. With our help, such people can verify their legal status, legalize stay in Poland (also persons who are not covered by the special act on assistance to citizens of Ukraine), and ensure the right and opportunity to perform paid work and run a business.

In particular, we assist in proceedings relating to:

  • granting refugee status,
  • granting subsidiary protection,
  • granting international protection,
  • obtaining a Residence Card,
  • obtaining the Pole’s Card,
  • granting Polish citizenship,
  • obtaining a registration, assigning a PESEL and NIP number.

Our lawyers also have experience in family cases involving foreigners, including: in matters related to obtaining the right to custody of minors or obtaining documentation necessary to enter into a marriage with a citizen of a foreign country.

Our lawyers are fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

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